Questions and Facts About CNG
#1 Reason To Convert To CNG
You can Save Big Money on Fuel Costs. Our number one question is why should I convert my vehicle to compressed natural
gas? Gasoline prices can be more than a little scary in today's crazy economy. The fluctuation in fuel costs goes up and down
daily, making it difficult for individuals, small or large companies to level out their fuel budgets. You don’t need to take it
anymore. In most areas of the country, CNG sells for about 1/2 the price of gasoline. In Utah for about $1.50 Per Gallon! For
Individuals, Small or Large Fleets, this can mean a significant reduction in one of your very biggest expenses.
"Why Should I Convert To Natural Gas (CNG)?"
#2 Reason To
Convert To CNG
Natural Gas is Domestic Product.
The United States we import over
one over one billion dollars per day
of crude oil. A great majority this oil
is imported from countries that have
unfriendly feelings toward the United
States. Accordingly we are being
consistently overcharged for this oil.
It is estimated that the United States
has well over a 100 year supply of
natural gas. Plus, ninety-eight
percent of the natural gas we use in
the USA is produced right here in
North America. You can help
support US national security, US
jobs and the US economy by
switching your veh
icles to run on
domestic CNG.
#3 Reason To Convert To CNG
Natural Gas is an extremely clean, environmentally-friendly fuel. Natural
Gas has a very low carbon content. Compared to gasoline, it produces 30
to 40% less carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Nitrogen oxides
(NOx) are also reduced by more than 60% and carbon monoxide is
reduced by more than 90%. In fact, because Natural Gas burns so clean,
the time between oil changes can be extended greatly which also saves
you big money. Do the right thing for your children and families future.
Protect their natural assets and help keep their air clean and healthy to
breathe. Convert to CNG!
Thank you for your
interest in
Utah CNG!
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#4 Reason To Convert To CNG
Possible Tax Credits For Installation! Right now Congress is discussing several different proposals, but at this point no Federal
Tax credits are currently available for vehicle conversions. Some states do offer state tax credits. For example, Utah offers a tax
credit of up to $2,500.00 to the owners of vehicles that are converted to run on CNG. These credits are available to owners of
bi-fuel and dedicated CNG vehicles. However, the kits installed must be EPA or ARB certified in order to qualify. Some states
have even higher tax credits. Go to to see a list of the alternative fuel incentives in each
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